April 13th, 2012


Welcome to jg_icons!

Welcome to jg_icons! I'm already typoing jg as lj

This graphics community is run by two crazy twins
gakupoid & mancheck.

1. When taking an icon, please credit jg_icons! A small instruction on how to do this is included below. The community risks DELETION if this "rule" keeps being broken!
2. If you're taking an icon, please comment on that entry the icon is included in. It's really appreciated, but not required. Does help boost the iconer ego level, mmkay?
3. Don't redistribute these icons! Link to the entry if you must and upload to your own server if you're going to be posting them onto a forum or something.
4. Don't edit any icons! We worked hard on these... /cough
5. You can request tutorials, but we can't guarantee we remember how to make certain icons that are really, really old.
6. Textless icons are NOT bases!
7. Please join the community if you like our icons!

Here's how to credit (just replace my old & shitty username in the image below with jg_icons, or if I made the icon just keep it as is below):